Editorial submissions

Editorial should be submitted to:

Bella Brodie (Editor) at bella.brodie@kelsey.co.uk

Please ensure your copy and resources are submitted by the required deadine.  Please note that the deadline is the last date for submission, but we would recommend you submit your copy well ahead of that date!

You might find the FAQ’s helpful below before submitting editorial content, but if you’re unsure of anything please just drop us a line.

If you are submitting PR then please do so by email.  Due to the success of the magazine we receive far more content than we can ever run in Holiday Living, so we strongly recommend you also secure your space with advertising to ensure you catch the next edition.   PR submissions not part of an advertorial deal are not subject to sight of PDF’s or approval, so please make sure you’re happy with your content before submitting it.


What format should I submit content in?
Please do not submit as a designed page – editorial will be designed in the magazine ‘house’ style so we need the words and images supplied separately, or can write it ourselves.  If you would like us to tie in colours with your ad/branding we will consider that where possible, so please include an example, although all ads need to be submitted to the ad dept separately – they will send you an email to ask for it.  We do not include logos within editorials.

How should it be written?
To add value and make our content more reader-friendly we use editorial (third-party) language as if it is an outsider looking in and talking about you, not advertorial as if you are talking about your own park/product, Eg It would talk about ‘this park has’ not ‘our park has’, ‘they offer’ not ‘we offer’. Please do not be offended if we do not capitalize job titles if mentioned – our house style is as per standard journalistic practice, lower case unless it is a proper noun, ie the name of a person, place, specific product or organisation.

Amendment and approval process
We reserve the right to tweak editorial as submitted. Assuming we have received your copy in time, if your editorial is part of a package we will always attempt to show you either the finalised copy or designed pdf to ensure you are happy with it.  Once we do that, if you need any amendments made please outline them all on ONE email as we may not have time to make further alterations.   Please make sure you have checked contact details in particular.

Not sure where to start?
If you do not have copy to submit and would like us to write it, please ensure we have all key points you would like included and access to suitable resources to work from. While we can extract information from a website to convert to editorial, unfortunately we cannot take photos from websites as they will not be a high enough resolution.

What is high enough resolution and how can I check?
A quick indicator is that anything under around 400kb will struggle and is only suitable for web use.  We expect image filesizes to be anywhere between 400kb – 10mb or perhaps even more. However for a full check select the photo, right click on properties to look at the dpi (dots per inch) 300 is standard preferred for print.  We can sometimes get away with less but the images will not be large on the page. Please also be mindful that most features need a ‘lead’, more prominent photo near the heading. Try and include an option which would work that way.  Preferred format is jpg.

How should I send them?
If sending copy or a couple of images, email is fine. If sending more than that we suggest using a free transfer service such as We Transfer, or send a dropbox link to the folder, not to individual images.   We can send you an upload link if you don’t have access to either of those services, please just ask us – you then click on the link, add the images and they will go into a folder with your name and the issue number on, and we will get a notification that they have arrived.

How many words and images?

It depends on the space you’ve been allocated – here’s our general rule of thumb guide – obviously if you submit the higher word count we are likely to include fewer images.

  • HALF A PAGE   250-300 words,  2 image options, info panel (see below)
  • FULL PAGE.  450-500 words, 3-4 image options (we will probably use two), info panel
  • 1.5 PAGES    650 -750 words, 3-5 image options, info panel
  • TWO PAGES  700 – 1000 words,  5-7 image options, box out bullet list if appropriate info panel
  • THREE PAGES.  1000 – 1500 words, 8-12 image options, box out list where appropriate for key selling points

Please also submit an information box in the same format as below – we have used our editorial contact details as an example:


  • Company/product name:  Holiday Living Magazine
  • T:  01953 798983
  • E: bella.brodie@kelsey.co.uk
  • W:  www.holidayliving.co.uk

Please note:

Please ensure you have appropriate permissions to use photography and content before sending it/them to us.

We do not accept copy we know has been created by other publications, and copy and/or images we have generated to show you should not be submitted to other magazines to use without our express permission in writing.