If you want to make sure you keep drinking plenty of ‘clean’ water but get a bit bored with the lack of flavour, we may just have the answer.

A new water bottle called air up uses tastebud trickery and neuroscience to deliver pure water that your mind thinks is flavoured.  We were so curious that we tried it out, and it actually works! Apparently, ‘retronasal’ smell determines 80% of our perception of flavour, so this uses flavoured blocks to add scent to the air just before we take a sip – who would have thought?!

Flavours include cola, watermelon, lime, cucumber and berries and even coffee. Starter sets are available from £29.95 for a bottle and two scent pods, and replacement pods start from £5.95 for three – enough to ‘flavour’ 15 litres of water, from uk.air-up.com.