We take a look industry innovators Gateway Chassis Solutions, who are often the first to know as part of the design and construction mix! 

With the Staycation market booming, it’ll be no surprise to hear that holiday home manufacturers are working flat out to meet the demand for new accommodation. There’s a consistently huge marketplace for static caravans, which now tend to be called simply ‘holiday homes’ to the industry manufacturing them.  Luxury lodge manufacturers are equally as busy, as are all the manufacturers of component elements which make up both types of accommodation.

The demand for quirky, innovative accommodation is also greater than ever, so modular accommodation, multi-level lodges and holiday homes, pods and mini-cabins are all finding their way out to holiday parks in increasing numbers ready for a busier season.

In holiday accommodation terms, all eyes are on the manufacturers to see the next new concept, and as they still need to be sturdy, easy to transport and site and have a long life of use, the design process starts from the ground up.

Gateway Chassis Solutions are used to helping manufacturers with the most suitable chasses for the homes their creative teams come up with, and in some cases this can help make the seemingly impossible possible.  So, in terms of knowing what the next best thing in holiday accommodation might be, they’ll know, but they also have to be great at keeping it a secret! What we can tell you is that, so far, these innovations have included models with an upper deck, hot tub chassis, skid chassis’, floating lodges and multi-level lodges with inbuilt decking areas.

They also work with a number of niche and start-up manufacturers to help them with the chassis of their project, lending expertise, experience and support in more ways than one!

There are several different types of chassis’ for different purposes, and Gateway Chassis Solutions can also build bespoke chassis’ for specific projects, so they are the perfect chassis partner for manufacturers of all sizes.. We thought we’d take a look at some of their more exciting options for the ‘big hitting’ holiday homes here though. Don’t be fooled though – they work on chassis’ for units of all sizes – small or large!

The Prestige Lookout









Their Park Home I-Beam chassis was developed as a cost-effective fully galvanised option, with the strength to support park homes and luxury lodges as they become bigger and heavier. Engineered to exceed residential standard BS3632, the Park Home I-Beam uses Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and 3D CAD modelling to ensure each chassis meets the structural requirements of the home that is built on it, allowing for variations in load distribution for areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, which have heavier components.

That makes it the ultimate option for longevity and strength for today’s increasingly advanced park homes and lodges, giving peace of mind to those in coastal locations where corrosion could be an issue.

For the home buyer, it gives peace of mind knowing that the unseen element of their home is built to the same high standards as the home or lodge itself; that’ it’s more than capable in terms of strength, and will last longer without needing attention. If you’ve chosen a feature-rich lodge design to be situated near the coast, then you might find your holiday home is built on a Park Home I-Beam, or if you’re having one built, you could even ask for it to be built on one!

The Tingdene Quantum









Gateway Chassis Solutions engineers chassis for every purpose, and the Strongbox is another advanced chassis you might find your lodge supported by. It can cope with larger models fom 55 – 65 foot long, and you’ll also find it supporting some of the latest innovative models to hit the marketplace. So for flexibility and innovation, the Strongbox sometimes offers the perfect solution; by its very nature a powerful structure more than capable of holding each model it’s created to support.


Manufacturers need more and more from their chassis partners in a marketplace which is continually evolving, and innovation, reliability and flexibility is all part of that need. When we step into our lodges, holiday homes, modular units and glamping cabins, we don’t think about what’s underfoot. All we need to know is that it’s there when we need it, that it’s safe and secure, that it will cope with many seasons of our wonderful British weather and a coastal location if that’s where it’s sited, and we’ve managed to buy it or hire it at the right price.  Helping to make all that happen behind the scenes are manufacturing partners like Gateway Chassis Solutions who literally help prop up the industry.

The Tingdene Quantum with upper deck, and the Prestige Homeseeker LookOut with multi-level deck as shown above were both built on Gateway chassis’.


To find out more about Gateway Chassis Solutions email info@gateway-chassis.co.uk, call 01482 485170 or visit www.gateway-chassis.co.uk