With the country and most of the world on lockdown, we are being asked to stay in our homes indefinitely.

To those of us abiding and staying in it’s to protect ourselves, our families, friends and the NHS however, the effect on many industries is lethal. Manufacturing is halted, factories shut down in the blink of an eye, holiday parks vacated and the tourism industry falling to its knees. However, in this incredibly bleak time, many businesses are finding innovative and exciting ways to engage with their audiences.

Local lodge manufacturer Pathfinder Homes are lighting the path in the industry through this dark, unknown territory.

The lodge manufacturing industry’s marketing strategy heavily relies on tradeshows throughout the year. The earliest usually starts in February with some months hosting two or three all the way through to October. Of course, so far this year the majority have been postponed, or worse, cancelled leaving CEOs & MD’s scratching their heads as to how to bring a 15 tonne product to someone’s door.

Virtual Environments
Pathfinder Homes, known for their innovation and ‘out of the box’ thinking reacted quickly to the news of the shows by creating a virtual show ground complete with hammocks & tipis and four new homes to show off.

The Heathfield based factory dug deep and quickly finished the homes at the factory ready for filming before lock down was implemented.  This included fully siting the lodges, internally finishing with skilled tradesmen and professionally dressing the homes so they were ‘show ready’.

Each home had a Virtual Tour, where visitors to the virtual show could walk around at their own pace; and a demo video created with a member of their Sales Team. This allowed the team to point out the extra features and hidden benefits the homes boast.

They have also been busy creating vlogs with their team about lock down, blogs about interior design, baking & carpentry. They generally host an all-round vibrant online presence.

Bruce MacDonald, Managing Director of Pathfinder Homes states “Since the lockdown occurred we have seen an explosion in our online audience and engagement. People are more open to the idea of virtual interaction.”
Enquiries about the homes they build and the nature of business seem to have increased significantly too. With people requesting more information about visiting the physical display homes also!

Physical Figures
Of course, it still remains to be seen how many of these enquiries and interactions, engagements continue to turn into actual sales however Pathfinder Homes continues to remain positive. “We are yet to show our full hand yet and continue to work on new ways to engage our audience and stay relevant.” Bruce continued.
Whilst so many of us stay in our homes, it’s never been more important that they make us happy and getting free interior design advice, simulating reading and fun short movies have ensured many more bookmarks, escapism and clever marketing.

Visit www.pathfinderhomes.co.uk or go to any major social media platform to talk directly to the team.