We can’t all be experts when it comes to making sure our park environments are safe to use. Often it might be far more effective to call in experts in the field rather than trying to inspect your park environment all by yourself and run the risk of missing something important.

Luckily, that’s exactly the service that AD Safety Solutions Ltd provides, using their technical expertise to inspect your park environment and make sure that it’s safe to use. They can help you fulfil your duty of care to all who may step foot on your park by helping you to develop inspection policies and regimes that will protect you from any third-party claims. They will undertake on-site risk assessments which take account of any circumstances which may arise, and then help you minimise any risk involved.

They really are the experts in their field too – any inspections undertaken by AD Safety Solutions will be supported by comprehensive online documentation. This includes position and time-stamped video evidence which is captured by qualified inspectors. AD Safety Solutions are responsive, flexible and dedicated to providing a practical and cost-effective solution for parks, enabling them to concentrate on the other areas of their business. Services provided can be on an ad-hoc or more formal basis, whichever the situation requires. Sounds like a truly great solution for parks, and it’ll give peace of mind to all concerned without breaking the bank!


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