Officially launched at the start of 2018, Harbur Design was formed by technical director Daniel Burns and design director Lloyd Harden. Having a combined experience of over 23 years in the design fields, and over 16 years of that dedicated to the park and leisure industry they decided the time was right to make their services available to the wider industry through the formation of their business.

We took the opportunity to ask them a bit more about their work.

This is quite an exciting development in the industry – how do you like to work with your clients?

We feel that we can offer something to clients that was missing by most others. Experience in both park & leisure homes from manufacturing and the parks themselves. Having the knowledge of both sides really gives us as edge. We hear regularly from park owners that having this knowledge is invaluable and saves them time. On top of that, Customer care. Offering our support and advice from the very first initial thoughts on design right through to when the homes start getting delivered. Being open and honest, no surprises and complete transparency throughout the whole process and to top it off, very competitive prices.

I know you have a lot of industry experience in the park and leisure sector – can you tell us about that, and the skill set you have in-house to work with parks and manufacturers?

As mentioned we have over 16 years’ experience between us in the park and leisure industry. Within in our skill set we can offer full conceptual park layouts right through to detailed construction plans. We can offer full video Fly Overs of an entire park or just focus on one individual home. We can also offer video walk throughs to showcase the interior of a home. With this we can also create individual internal or external views. We also offer birds eye internal views to showcase the layout and we also can do a textured birds eye view of the entire park to illustrate the full layout of the park, then number which is a useful tool for selling. All these services can really assist with the marketing for a park and improve sales.

You are working with a lot of businesses in the park and leisure sector, is that parks and manufacturers, and what do you do for them?

Yes, we’re working with both. One to note with a manufacturer is the Ixworth by Country Homes, designed back in March this year.  We are also working with a number of park owners in which we are creating conceptual layouts and feasibility studies to maximise the land and determine which sized units to use, we have created marketing packages with videos and visuals to assist with promoting the park and helping to sell from plan, plus full sets of planning drawings to submit and working drawings for construction. We’re working with Charles Simpson Organisation on some exciting new developments, too!

Can you explain how your work helps parks with both the planning and sales processes?

Once we have decided on the layout from the conceptual stages we can then focus on getting the drawings ready to submit to planning. We can assist throughout the planning process with attending appropriate meetings or if it’s just making tweaks through the process. Our videos/visuals will help to bring your park and chosen homes to life and give the retail buyer the chance to walk around the park or home before it has even been built. This can add to the client’s excitement and engagement level enormously, as sometimes it’s not easy to imagine your dream from 2D line drawings!

What else do you work on outside of this sector? 

Outside the park and leisure industry we work on a wide range of projects ranging from house extensions to complete new builds, offices, shops, the works! We offer a complete one stop shop service which comprises of feasibility studies/conceptual design, full planning drawings and submission, full set of building regs, full set of working drawings, project management, CGIs, videos and master planning.  Everything to get a development project underway and help it sell, basically.

We know you invest a lot of energy and enthusiasm into your projects – what do you love most about your work?

Clients are the fundamental element to our business and engaging with them to interpret their vision……… then seeing their reaction once we have made it come to life!   From first initial idea through to the day the champagne is opened on completion – we treat every project as if it’s our own and do everything we can to make it as successful as possible

Harbur Design CGI Visuals

Why not take a look for yourself on You Tube?

Just type in Harbur Design and look for the Country Homes CGI’s – we did and we were impressed!

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