Hate warm beer? Us too. So all hail to the god of ale, BruMate Hopsulator Trio, the world’s best beer can cooler! So how does the Hopsulator Trio work? The clever 3-in-1 design fits all standard sized 16oz cans, but also includes an Arctic Adapter filled with freezable gel to convert the Hopsulator into use for 12oz tins too! But that’s not all, when empty the Hopsulator Trio has a capacity of 16 fluid ounces, so you can use this nifty little gadget as a regular drinking glass too, perfect for your favorite tipple.

Made from high-grade, double wall stainless steel and triple insulation to follow the contours of your can, the extra copper layer sandwiched in-between keeps your beverage 20x colder in even the hottest of weather conditions. Not just the king of coolers the Hopsulator can even handle hot drinks too! Just pop on the lid and it becomes an insulated travel mug. Is there anything this indispensable life jacket for your favorite tipple can’t do? Coffee in the morning, water at your desk, beer by the pool the list goes on! We think it’s a pretty invaluable travel companion. The BruMate Hopsulator Trio is available to buy online from The Fowndry for £24.99, choose from Silver, Matte Grey or Matte Black.