Time is precious, which is why many of us look forward to the few weeks we spend away each year, whether it’s with friends, family or even on our own. However, in the run up many of us worry about putting everything in order, both for the holiday and the homes we leave behind.

Some holidaymakers also struggle to turn off once they arrive at their destination, worrying whether the newspapers are cancelled, the family is okay or if everything has been packed. How can we get this precious time back so that we can enjoy our holidays from start to finish.

Pre-Holiday prep

Some people love getting everything organised for a holiday, while others find it the most stressful part. Leaving our homes for a period of time, even if it’s just a week, can cause concern as to whether everything will be ok while we’re away.

The easiest way to ease your mind is to create a pre-holiday checklist. This provides a visual reminder that nothing has been left to chance.

One tip before going away is to think of each room and determine what needs to be turned off, kept safe or taken with you. This is also a good opportunity to do a proper inspection of your home to make sure there are no potential issues, such as leaky radiators or pipes that could potentially cause damage.

Making the most of your time away

When planning an itinerary, it’s important to think of your holiday both as a time to have fun but also an opportunity to recharge and therefore become more personally resilient. Resilience helps you develop skills to deal with stress and improve your overall emotional intelligence and there is no better time to practice this than when you are on holiday.

When asked, people said one of the main activities that promotes the most resilience is sleep (70 per cent) followed by relaxing (56 per cent), which is important to keep in mind when booking holiday activities. While it may be tempting to set your alarm for 7am to make the most of your time away, you are also allowed to treat yourself to a lie in so you can relax.

It is also important to consider your health, as diet and fitness routines are often abandoned. Even if you plan just a small amount of exercise, such as going for a 30 minute walk three times a week or something more adventurous such as hiking or a cycle tour, every bit helps. Keep in mind your eating habits too, as a third of people believe a healthy diet is key to building resilience and therefore making the most out of life.

“If you find yourself often feeling stressed in your day-to-day life, personal resilience can help you understand the causes and determine the best way to resolve them. Holidays provide the time to relax and recuperate, however if you also use this opportunity to build your resilience you will notice the long-term benefits not just while you’re away but also when you get home.” Gareth Howell, Managing Director AXA Insurance

Returning Home

There’s a reason why most of us refer to a holiday as a ‘break’, as it gives us the opportunity to stop worrying about our responsibilities and instead spend time thinking about ourselves. When returning, it’s easy to quickly fall back into thinking what’s next on your to-do list, but this quickly ruins all the relaxing you did while away.

Hopefully, if you made a plan you will see that your home is still in great shape when you get back, but if there are any issues, now is the time to remember your resilience. Even if you do find yourself getting stressed, remember that 72 per cent of people believe resilience is a skill that is developed – so don’t give up! Use the methods you put in place while you were away and you can continue to benefit from them until it’s time to book your next trip.

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