With over 70 sites across the length and breadth of the British Isles, you’re never too far from a Wigwam® Holidays glamping cabin.

Wigwam Holidays began as a young student’s inspired idea, and is today one of the leading glamping holiday accommodation providers. Indeed, the company has helped to spearhead the glamping revolution here in the UK.


So what is a Wigwam®

Built from sustainable timber in two Scottish workshops, a Wigwam® is a fully heated insulated cabin, off­ering comfy camping throughout the year.
With lockable doors, double glazed windows, mattresses, heating and lighting as standard, there are now four aptly named models in the Wigwam® range:

  • Wee Brave – sleeps up to three people with mattresses, co­ffee table, shelving;
  • Big Chief – sleeps up to five people with mattresses, coff­ee table, shelving;
  • Running Water  – sleeps up to four people, includes en-suite shower and toilet, double bed
  • Running Water Deluxe – sleeps up to four people, includes en-suite shower, toilet, kitchenette, double bed and dining area

The idea behind off­ering several types of cabin is there is one to suit all glampers and one that will work in tandem with the natural surroundings of each site. As the cabins are designed to be warm and comfy in all weathers, most sites open all year round.


Student Charles Gulland’s specialist knowledge of sustainable timber inspired him to create camping accommodation allowing campers to enjoy a great holiday in the great outdoors without the hassle of erecting a tent. In 1989, Charles came up with a prototype in the shape of a timber tent, rather like a curved pyramid.

Five years later, following various transformations, the Wigwam® Holidays Network was born. Due to the expansion of the business, the network was renamed Wigwam® Holidays in 2000. Wigwam® Holidays has sites nationwide, and Charles is now the Director of this successful franchise business.



Apart from being one of the first to ‘go national’, the Wigwam® cabin is an example of excellent craftsmanship using steam technology to create the timber constructions.

The top of the range model is the largest of the four types and includes an en-suite shower and toilet, kitchenette, along with a dining table and chairs, a double bed, seating and mattresses. With electric connection and a water supply with some models, Wigwams are regarded as a permanent structure yet at the same time o­er a ‘camping’ feel to guests.

The natural insulation not only helps keep a Wigwam warm as toast, it also helps keep outdoor noise to a minimum, making for a tranquil stay. The shape of the Wigwam is also one that has been copied over the years, but with its trademark, Wigwam® Holidays is still one of the market leaders.

In short, Wigwam® Holidays has set the benchmark for quality and reliability in the world of glamping.



As well as having sites that have been part of the network from day one – Strathfillan, near Edinburgh in Scotland, being the first – exciting new locations have opened in the last year, including Forest Park, near Cromer in Norfolk, Lleyn Peninsula in North Wales and Chawton Park Farm near the South Downs National Park, Hampshire.

These new sites are welcome additions to an existing network of varying sizes and locations.


As well as being suitable for year-round occupancy, Wigwams® are ideal for a solo trip, family holiday or a couples’ retreat, with guests welcome, from a new-born baby to ‘go for it’ grandparents.

After a day of sightseeing or chilling out, there’s nothing better than a warm, welcoming and peaceful Wigwam® where you settle down and dream the night away. Sites vary as to which glamping extras they off­er their guests, but you could go for a hot tub, a campfire, a bottle of bubbly or a romantic ‘Valentine’ experience!


While ‘glamping’ may hint at an expensive type of holiday accommodation, Wigwams® always had the belief that a holiday at one of its sites should not break the bank.Of course there are seasonal adjustments to tariff­s, yet a holiday for a family of four can cost from as little as £60 a night or less, depending on the time of year.

There are also mid and low season off­ers, allowing guests to experience repeat Wigwams visits throughout the year.



One of the most popular pursuits for ‘Wigwammers’ is walking – the perfect way to enjoy the scenery of our magnificent landscape – and there is a Wigwam® site close to most of the National Trails in England and Wales.

The beauty of a National Trail is you can do a section of it at a time, or do the whole thing as part of that once-in-a-lifetime trek, staying in Wigwam® cabins along the way. With 15 to choose from, the National Trails of England and Wales thread their way through some incredible scenery, from coastal paths to rolling hills.

Wigwam® Holidays has sites close to the Cleveland Way; the Cotswold Way; Hadrian’s Wall Path; Off­a’s Dyke Path; Peddar’s Way; the South Downs Way and the Yorkshire Wolds Way, among others. Find out more about the National Trails by visiting www.nationaltrail.co.uk

North of the border, Scotland’s epic landscape includes 26 Great Trails, traversing the finest views along lochs, glens, mountains and coast.

As Wigwam® Holidays was  ‘born’ in Scotland, there are numerous sites dotted around this great nation. While it’s safe to say some of the trails are challenging, Wigwams are ‘on hand’ to help make it a memorable experience, whether you do part or all of a challenging hike!

There is a warm, welcoming Wigwam® cabin within reach of a Great Trail of North, Central and South Scotland including the John Muir Way and the Great Glen Way, to name but two.

Find out more about the Great Trails by visiting www.scotlandsgreattrails.org.uk


The notion of a National Park was first muted 80 years ago this year! A group of outdoor enthusiasts  established the charity Campaign for National Parks. Fifteen years later the first National Park, the Peak District – was established.

We now have 15 National Parks in total, and there is a Wigwam® site either in a National Park or within an easy drive to all of them.  National Parks attract around 90m visitors a year and the Yorkshire Dales and Lake District National Parks have also just been extended by 23% and 3% respectively, making them very close neighbours, and creating a fabulous opportunity for visitors in the north of England.

The most recent addition to the National Park family is the South Downs, not far from where author Jane Austen was born and raised.  Known at ‘Britain’s breathing spaces’, the National Parks are a perfect partner to Wigwam® Holidays, off­ering great holidays in the great outdoors. Find out more about the National Parks by visiting www.nationalparks.gov.uk/home

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Have the Land? They’ve got the Brand

The UK isn’t short of things to do … but everyone needs somewhere warm, welcoming and peaceful to stay after enjoying a day out. A key feature of all Wigwam sites is their location, many close to walking and cycling networks, National Parks, historic cities and the coast.

With thousands of satisfied Wigwam® customers making return visits year after year, glamping is here to stay. Whilst there are other glamping providers in the market, Wigwam® Holidays particularly interest those with some land and a bit of ambition.

The cabins are built to order and can be delivered ready-built to your door. Plus, the company offers support at each stage of setting up the business, from finance to planning, from bookings to social media.

For those wanting to know more about setting up a Wigwam site, visit www.wigwamholidays.com/Start_A_Site