Often emulated but never beaten, the word Retreat is pretty iconic in park home terms and with good reason.

Both a model name and the name of the brand itself, this is a unique product which many have tried to emulate. However, none have truly managed to capture the essence of the original.

From their first design, Retreat Homes have produced excellent tailor-made homes. Each has an architectural feel inside and out, and is built to a individual design and specification.

Never ones to blow their own trumpet, Retreat have nonetheless been picked by the media for special praise. In 2014 a Retreat lodge in Rutland was listed as one of the Sunday Times 50 Best Homes in Britain.

Quite an achievement when you consider the list included some of the UK’s finest residential and leisure properties.

Retreat's Strawberryfield holiday lodge interior

Retreat’s Strawberryfield holiday lodge interior

Sound origins

The business was launched in 2004, with the first lodge leaving the workshop in 2005. Since then, each iteration of the Retreat has had the same common denominators – supreme quality and design excellence.

Retreat Homes' Retreat lodge

Retreat Homes’ Retreat lodge

Managing Director Alan Rooke and Production Manager Trevor Lawson combined 5 decades of experience in lecturing and training construction students to turn their hand to the build side. The majority of the workforce has been trained in-house, ensuring that high standards are consistently and continuously applied.

The Retreat feel

Even in the early days Alan and Trevor recognized the need for premium quality timber lodges. Often these were built around an inner ‘courtyard’ space, and this has become a trademark for the company since then. One of many!

An architectural feel, sedum roof options, cedar cladding and high spec interiors are other elements which makes the company special.

This is a manufacturer bang up-to-date with technology, so you may find some very clever touches inside. These make the interiors both easy on the eye and practical and enjoyable to occupy.

Alan described their ethos. “We never set out to become a mass manufacturer. Instead we  preferred to make a steady stream of excellent homes we’re truly proud to put our name to. The fact that no two of our lodges are the same keeps things fresh. It also means that our workforce enjoys the build process as much as we enjoy designing them.”

Retreat Homes holiday lodges

Who Retreat work with

Parks and home owners seem to love their homes too. Retreat Homes has a number of key parks that they work with. They’ve also worked on a number of individual ‘own-land’ projects.

Retreat are something of a magnet for those looking for the very best in lodge innovation. They certainly stand out from the norm, which is why they’re always a manufacturer to watch out for.

To find out more:

Retreat Lodges Limited
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T: 016973 52033
W: www.retreatlodges.co.uk
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