There’s great news from the North West, as Morecambe-based lodge manufacturer Red Rose ramps up production in order to manage their increasing order book

A rosy future beckons

The Red Rose reputation in the park home and leisure industry goes back over a number of generations, from the manufacturing of garages and outbuildings to refurbishments of park homes, holiday lodges and glamping pods. Now, with an order book full of repeat orders, they are ticking every box!

Red Rose lodge production line

Red Rose’s production line is in full swing

Family focused and family driven

Managing director James Welch told us: “We have owned parks for several years now as did our dads and their dads before them. We as park owners have began to feel incredibly frustrated with many issues but one in particular would be the manufacturers’ lead times.”

“Although this obviously means that the industry is booming and that manufacturers are doing well, it doesn’t help the park operator or the end customer. This was a key factor in the launch of the latest string to our bow – Red Rose Park Homes.”

Red Rose kitchen

A well-equipped Red Rose kitchen

Seeing things from both sides

“One of our key objectives is to strive to minimize delays wherever possible as we know what the effect of a delay can have on building works and new owners. It has been extremely beneficial to be able to see it now from both sides – its like a whole new world!”

“Red Rose’s main aim is to exceed customers’ expectations through design and quality as standard, with beauty that is guaranteed to last with timeless elegance. It is important to be customer-focused, going above and beyond wherever possible” says James.

Quality and craftsmanship

“Red Rose Park Homes’ ultimate goal is to revolutionise the industry, providing customers with quality and being able to give them exactly what they pay for,” adds Jimmy.

Craftsmanship and quality are the key words that Red Rose have built their businesses around, and we can tell that this is already being achieved across the range of services that they offer.

Red Rose have an extremely successful refurbishment and aftersales business, which has been operational for many years. This is just another example of why people buy from Red Rose. They know how to build them, how to maintain them, and just how to fix them if any unforeseen issues occur.

Red Rose refurbishment

A Red Rose refurbishment

To find out more  about Red Rose Park Homes, the refurbishment service or their gorgeous glamping pods please visit