Here’s a round up of some of our favourite glamping accessories from Coleman and Go Travel to make breaks away even easier

The Coleman pack away table for fourCOLEMAN PACK AWAY TABLE FOR FOUR

Coleman’s Pack Away Table for Four is ideal for picnics and summer holiday trips. The lightweight aluminium design means it’s easy to carry and its slim frame will easily fit in the car with the rest of your camping / picnic gear.

Suitable for four people, it packs down neatly with the bench seats fitting inside the table for compact storage. The bench seats are comfortable thanks to padded bench covers which are removable for washing. The aluminium design allows the table and bench to be wiped cleaned if there are spillages. The auto lock system keeps the carry case shut when being carried and locks the legs into place. The Pack Away Table for Four isn’t only great for al fresco family dining. It is also great for storing food, clothes and other essentials without having to go rummaging through lots of bags.

£119.99 from

VERDICT: This set is intelligently designed and very easy and quick to assemble.  It would make a good tent table and is versatile enough to take on day trips. A little heavy to carry on long walks, but perfect for picnics and outings where you don’t have to walk too far. Would be great for festivals too



The Go Travel power bank

Is losing power while away on your summer holiday’s your biggest fear? Keep your beloved gadgets fully charged with Go Travel’s new Slimline Power Bank.  Its slim design has a 2300mAH capacity, offering a reliable emergency back-up for charging smartphones and other small USB devices.

Pre-charged, you can use straight from the packet. It’s a simple and speedy way to charge essential electronics on the go. It even comes with a handy USB so you can re-charge the device while at home ready for the next time you’re in need.

£17.99 from

OUR VERDICT: Super-small, this isn’t much bigger than a credit card, making it really practical to keep with you



Perfect for camping. Be prepared, whatever the weather, with these waterproof ponchos and handy pouch. Containing 2 rain ponchos and a drawstring pouch for convenient storage, this emergency rainwear will ensure you don’t get caught out. And it will ensure that your little one’s play time isn’t ruined by the rain.

The pouches are compacted, lightweight and feature an integrated belt clip. The pouch attaches easily to any rucksack, bag or clothing. Adults: £5.99 Childs £5.49 from

WE THINK: Okay, these are amazing because they are so compact, inexpensive and virtually weightless to carry. We’ve bought a full set for all the family. The whole lot easily fit inside one small bag (or even a pencil case) without eating up much space. 

At least one is staying in the handbag permanently! Keep the rest together and you’ll have a full set of raingear for all the family. And you’ll avoid that last minute rush to find everyone’s waterproofs to check they haven’t outgrown them. A brilliant stress-busting idea, and no-one will mind carrying the waterproofs either!



Go Travel Dry PhoneDesigned for use with mobile phones and smartphones, this 100% waterproof case allows you to make calls, send and receive messages and access apps without risk of water damage from the typical British weather while camping.

The ‘roll ‘n’ seal’ Velcro closure protects devices while still allowing full operation of the controls. The convenient neck cord secures the device on your person for total peace of mind. Ideal for water-based activities, beach sports, camping and festivals.

This pouch is water proof up to 1m and also protects against contamination from sand or dirt.

£7.99 from

WHAT WE THINK: This arrived after a week spent on the beach where we had to watch how much sand got into our phones, and make sure we didn’t put anything wet near them such as drinks/towels etc. So we realise how useful it would have been. Very well made, you can keep using your phone in the pouch, and it’s comfortable to wear with the cord too to keep it handy