So, what is “glamping”? 

Well, depending on where you look, it can be many different things. Recognised as a hybrid of the words ‘glamour’ and ‘camping’, glamping combines the escapism and adventure of camping with high quality accommodation for those who like a little luxury.


Glamping combines yesterday’s basic concept of staying outdoors with today’s technology and innovation. It includes a wide range of structures such as tent cabins, safari tents, tipis, yurts, pods, bell tents, vintage caravans and trailers, shepherd huts and posh tents to name but a few. The list is only as limited as the imagination, and new ideas are continually being added to the glamping mix.

It’s all about the experience

All of these magical structures, and the places you’ll find them in, tend to have one thing in common. A feeling of quirkiness, discovery and adventure. The possibility of being at one with nature and times past, a feeling of freedom. An environment in which to create long-lasting memories with those you love to spend time with. You can choose your next adventure without feeling limited by budget or timing. There are a range of options to suit all, and many are available all-year-round.


An outdoor experience with indoor comforts

Most glamping options have all the comforts of being indoors. They create an environment where you can feel cosy and dry when you need to. Or you can throw open the doors to the elements to enjoy a natural environment when the weather permits. Glamping destinations with underfloor heating, lighting, electric sockets, washing and cooking facilities are all available. Some even provide TV and Wi-fi. So while you re-connect with mother earth, you needn’t disconnect from the outside world if you choose not to.

Your holiday, your choice

Of course, it’s not only glamping that provides this. With so much available for holiday makers nowadays, you can pick and mix your holiday experiences more than ever. But this is one sector that has variety at its core. With new options appearing almost every day, the glamping revolution clearly isn’t over. Indeed, it’s only just begun!