If you’re sold on the idea of buying a holiday home but the idea of staying put in one place puts you off, then that really shouldn’t be the case. Holiday home ownership could actually open up a whole new world of opportunities for you.

Introducing Dial An Exchange (DAE), the world’s largest independently owned holiday exchange company with over 500,000 members and affiliations with 4,000 resorts worldwide.

DAE offer world-wide opportunities for their members to take interesting exchange holidays in quality accommodation.

Anyone who owns holiday property can be a member of DAE and can benefit from worldwide holidays through their innovative and unique holiday exchange system.

How DAE works:

Map of holiday destinations for DAE members

World-wide holiday opportunities for DAE members


  • DAE operate a “Bank” of weeks in holiday properties around the world. Members deposit weeks into the “bank” that they do not wish to, or cannot use themselves.
  • In return, they get a “Credit” valid for three years from the date of deposit, which can be used to “Withdraw” any week out of our system, on payment of the exchange fee. (£87 per week per unit in Europe, £99 per week per unit outside of Europe)
  • These withdrawn weeks can be used for their own holidays or given to family and friends.
  • Members may also take Bonus Weeks or Rentals where they just pay a fee (usually drastically reduced) but don’t actually have to Bank a week to benefit.

Alex Brown, business development manager (UK & Europe) at DAE explains; “Anyone with holiday property should have a DAE membership*. Why wouldn’t you?

“It’s free to be a member, it allows you to visit other destinations, simply through owning a holiday home yourself, and it means your friends and family can benefit too.”

As news of DAE has grown, specifically within the holiday lodge market over the last 18 months, so has the interest from holiday parks and operators themselves.

DAE now directly partner with various holiday parks so that they can offer a DAE membership as part of the package when someone buys a unit or upgrades on site.

Alex continued, “It makes perfect sense – The resort is able to say that when you buy this holiday property, you’re also buying access to a lifetime of holidays around the world”

“Holiday property owners can take holidays around the world. And DAE grow the member base, thus growing the number of holiday locations available for our members. It’s a win, win, win.”

“We are really expanding, both in terms of the property types being included in the exchange system and geographically –in fact, in June we opened our 11th global office, this one in Portugal.”


So what do DAE members of the scheme think?

“We have a lodge in the Lake District, near Lake Windermere and have been there for over ten years. A friend there recommended we join DAE, to take advantage of swapping accommodation, anywhere around the world! We joined in 2011 and what they have to offer is excellent!

Membership is free, customer services are extremely efficient and helpful and a simple system of exchanges, rentals and bonus weeks seems to work really well.

In February we swapped our lodge for a beautiful, high quality cottage in Yorkshire and had a wonderful time. We would recommend this company to anyone with a lodge or holiday home, as we feel it is such a positive experience – you can’t lose!” Judith Coates

DAE Membership benefits:

  • Free membership
  • A low cost exchange fee
  • 3 full years in which to use your exchange credit
  • World Wide Exchange Destinations
  • Pay only when your exchange is confirmed
  • A transparent system. Exchange availability is published live on line (members only)
  • Cancellation Protection Option restores your credit if you cancel.
  • Late booking Bonus Weeks at very low prices
  • Friendly personal service to help you get the exchange holiday you need

Further information

To contact DAE to find out more, please call 01756 749966.

Alex Brown, Business Development Manager (UK & Europe) is available on alex@dialanexchange.com or 07732 559509
*Please note, you should always check your park’s regulations when exchanging weeks in your  holiday home. More and more parks are now listed with DAE so if you’re not sure, just ask.